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Wealth planning

A lasting legacy takes sound planning. Our solutions are designed to structure your wealth, manage your assets, prepare for transition and ultimately provide peace of mind.

With your wealth spread across many borders and jurisdictions and managed by multiple financial institutions and service providers, keeping track of it all is no easy task. You want to regain control by establishing a solid asset structure and having it managed in one place.

At Glenbrook Advisory, we approach wealth planning with a meticulous attention to detail and a focus on your individual situation, family dynamics and long-term objectives. Our team of specialists and partners are experts in our key client markets of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, where we understand the culture and are deeply involved in all facets of wealth management. Our solutions cover the entire wealth planning spectrum – from companies, trusts and foundations to life insurance policies and private label funds.

Aimed at structuring and preserving your wealth, as well as preparing it for the next generation, we analyze your current situation, develop a strategy and then implement and manage that plan. With in-depth knowledge of the widely varying legal and regulatory environments, we monitor our markets closely in order to quickly adapt when circumstances change and continuously optimize the management of your wealth.